Preview: Bank Innovation Conference

March 28, 2012

Here’s where to find me the next couple of days while I’m at the Bank Innovation conference in San Francisco. I’ll report back next week with implications on the intersection of leadership, advice and technology.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Session 1:  What Is “Banking” Today?  A Debate on the Future

  • How can banks realize the dream of “holistic” banking considering legacy challenges
  • What do the most successful start-ups tell us about the future
  • Which conventional wisdoms about the future of banking are wrong
  • How does the branch and ATM fit into the concept of the Future Bank?


Noah Breslow, Chief Operating Officer, On Deck Capital

Shawn Budde, Co-Founder & Chief Risk Officer, ZestCash

Dan O’Malley, Founder & CEO, PerkStreet Financial

Jeff Stephens, Founder, Tribed and CBC

Session 2:  New Product Strategies & Possibilities

  • Where the consumers are, now
  • Innovations worth noting and ones worth ignoring
  • How CFPB and Dodd-Frank realities color product design
  • The future of PFM
  • How should “commerce” integrate with “banking”


Philip Jenkins, Chief Operating Officer, Strands Finance

Rafael Lopes, VP, Sr. Product Manager – International Products & Digital Channels, City National Bank

Iker Marcaide, Founder, Peer Transfer

Todd Sandler, Head of Product Strategy & Deposits, ING Direct

James Shanahan, President, Shanahan & Associates, LLC

Josh S. Turnbull, Managing Consultant, Advisory Services,  Center for Financial Services Innovation

Session 3:  Social Banking Without Being Insecure or Annoying

  • Elements of an effective Twitter strategy
  • The mobile piece explored
  • Is it possible to successfully leverage location apps?
  • How does banking become a part of the social media experience?


Kimarie Matthews, VP of Social, Wells Fargo

Josh Reich, CEO, Simple Finance Technology Co. / BankSimple

Eric Rinebold, Industry Principal — Digital Engagement, Infosys

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Session 4:  Channel Agnosticism: Being Everything to Every Customer

  • Getting more consumers to embrace innovation
  • Usage trends
  • Overcoming the challenge of balancing customer wants and legacy system realities
  • Can branches be maximized?
  • What are the operational challenges that need to be overcome in order to be truly channel agnostic?


Ginger Schmeltzer, SVP, Digital Channel Management, SunTrust Banks

Geoff Knapp, Vice President, Online Banking & Consumer Insight, Fiserv

Julie Milbrand, Vice President, Community Banking, Internet Services Group, Wells Fargo

Session 5:  Separating Digital Wallet & Mobile Payment Fact from Fiction

  • One wallet or multiple wallet platforms? What level of integration can we expect or is necessary?
  • What’s out there now? What’s on the way? Where does NFC fit in?
  • Loyalty, points, rewards and virtual currencies
  • The future of cashless payments


Bill Clark, President, Spindle

Mark Fischer, Chief Executive Officer, Inspire Commerce

Michael Garelik, Financial Services Innovation & Mobile and Alternative Payments Specialist

Omar Seyal, Co-Founder, Tagstand

Eric Remer, CEO, PaySimple

Session 6:  Shop-aholic: Integrating Banking Into a Better Shopping Experience

  • Rewards and banking
  • Payments platform implications for bankers and retailers
  • Where do ATMs fit in?
  • How the digital wallet fosters better retailing?


Marc Caltabiano, VP Marketing & Products, Cartera Commerce

Lewis Gersh, Managing Partner, Metamorphic Ventures

Samir Kothari, Co-Founder, Truaxis

Brian Rigney, VP & GM Business Solutions, CashStar

Session 7: The Organic Online/Offline Twitter Ideastorm

  • During this session, we’ll undertake a good, old-fashioned brainstorm, but using newfangled social media with ideas aired live and via Twitter converging into a dynamic blend of innovation and a glimpse of the future.

Session 8:  App Crazy: Postcards From the Edge of Digital Banking

  • Why certain apps work, and certain apps suck
  • App update by device
  • What’s the next new-new thing?
  • Smartphone vs. tablet vs. both


Eric Connors, SVP of Products, Yodlee

Joe Adams, Managing Principal, Hampton Pryor Consulting

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