Improving Client Engagement with Technology

October 18, 2012

Readers of this blog know that my primary focus is the convergence of high-tech and high-touch that I believe IS the future of wealth management. I think Balance Financial gets this better than most fintech firms, and that is why I am proud to serve on their Advisory Board. Read on…

Balance Financial Inc.

A great article caught our eye the other day over at http://www.Finextra.com.  It was an interview with Sungard Investment Systems President Daniel Bardini.  Sungard works with financial services firms around the country providing various technology solutions to private banking institutions.

Daniel made some great points that we thought were worth repeating.  Check out the video yourself, it is pretty quick:  http://www.finextra.com/video/Video.aspx?videoid=265

Here are some of the highlights

According to Bardini, the future is about “engaging clients in new ways, more interactive.”  Further, “traditionally banks invested in back office.  This is more and more a commodity.  Focus is moving to front end tools that support relationship managers on interactions with clients.”

And finally, “Relationship managers struggle to get a 360 degree view of clients.  Need new ways of engaging clients.”

We could not agree more.  The core investments made in Private Banking and wealth management over the last several years…

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