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Welcome to My New Era

November 12, 2012

I have been writing for some time now on the ‘intersection of leadership, advice and innovation’ and about why we are in the early stages of a new era of wealth management.

Today, my blog starts a new era too.

First, I am expanding the name of my eponymous blog from simply “” to “Affluent Strategies by JP Nicols”.

The current web address is not changing, although you will soon be able to access the same site and the same content at as well. One site, two URLs.


What started as simply an outlet for me to express my observations and ideas has expanded into something that has grown beyond my expectations, and this site is now closing in on 10,000 views from more than 30 countries.

A common thread in most everything I have written has been to consider the potential implications for financial advisors working with affluent and high net worth clients, and simply putting my name in the browser window is probably less than descriptive for new and prospective readers.

Secondly, since I have started another website for my consulting firm clientific (and I would love it if you would visit me there too), I needed to make some small changes to keep each site unique and distinctive. On I will focus more on the ‘advice’ component– practical and tactical ideas and solutions specifically for wealth management firms and fintech companies who serve the affluent market.

That will give me a little more room here to branch out just a little wider to cover other things I find interesting under the ‘leadership’ and ‘innovation’ signs of the intersection. I have been pleasantly surprised at the level of interest in these topics from far outside of the wealth management industry, and I will continue to spend time on general leadership and entrepreneurism topics.

I am also updating the color scheme a little bit and may undertake some other other design updates in the coming weeks to improve the user experience, but all of the existing content and tags will remain.

Thanks for reading and helping me get to this point. I hope you will find these changes a positive way to kick off a new era. Feel free to drop me a line and give me feedback so I can keep it useful for you.

– JP Nicols, CFP®


To All Veterans on This Veterans Day…

November 11, 2012

Thank you to all of you who have served and to those of you still serving. I am grateful to be able to honor your service to all of us.

Command Performance Leadership




Freedom isn’t free.  Men and women throughout our history have paid the price, sometimes the ultimate price of their lives, to ensure your life of freedom is preserved for you now and long into the future.  On this Veterans Day, we honor…we thank…we celebrate their courage, commitment and sacrifice for us; your fellow Americans.

Thank a Veteran today! Thank them for paving the road to continued freedom and fighting to ensure that our Country’s ideals are secured.  We owe them more than a dedicated day on the calendar.

Freedom Isn’t Free

And, this is why they fight and why we honor:

For freedom, they stand and fight:

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Top 10 Best Banking Blogs

November 8, 2012

(Via The Financial Brand) Congratulations to all of the winners in The Financial Brand’s Best Banking Blog poll. I am honored to count several of the winners amongst my friends. It is a group of smart, kind and funny people– what more could you want?

1. JD Power & Associates Banking Blog – @JDPowerBanking

2. Snarketing 2.0 – Ron Shevlin —  @rshevlin

3. ACTON’s Financial Marketing Insights – @ACTON_Marketing

4. Bank Marketing Strategies – Jim Marous  @JimMarous

5. –  @bankingdotcom

6. CU Insight – Randy Smith @CUinsight

7. Bank Innovation – @BankInnovation

8. Netbanker –  @netbanker

9. GonzoBanker –  @GonzoBanker

10. Financial Services Club Blog – @FSClub

Congratulations as well to the Write-Ins & Other Honorable Mentions, along with the nominees, where I again am fortunate to recognize another great group of smart, kind and funny people I call friends. I am also humbled and grateful to even be mentioned in their company.

Again, from The Financial Brand, Write-Ins & Other Honorable Mentions:

Read the entire article, including links to representative posts from the winners at The Financial Brand: Top 10 Best Banking Blogs – Readers Choice 2012 Winners | The Financial Brand: Marketing Insights for Banks & Credit Unions.

Other nominees:


Apple Event Wrapup via PandoDaily

September 12, 2012

Someone had to be at the Apple event today while I am at Finovate. I’m glad PandoDaily was there.


TechSpeak to English Dictionary

September 12, 2012

I am excited to spend the next two days peering into the future of FinTech as I watch and hear 60 companies demo their wares at Finovate. This TechSpeak to English Dictionary from Francisco Dao may be helpful for some attendees (and some presenters). Enjoy…


Why More Experienced CEOs Will Stay At the Forefront of Tech Innovation

September 5, 2012

This is as encouraging to me personally (“the average age of founders of technology companies is a surprisingly high 39 – with twice as many over-50 executives as those under 29 years old.)”, as it is generally (“The United States might be on the cusp of an entrepreneurship boom—not in spite of an aging population but because of it.”).

But I especially like the described “four character traits of a successful CEO – Sensemaking, Relating, Visioning, Inventing.” I couldn’t agree more, and I have seen an abundance of these traits in the CEOs I admire the most (and a dearth in those who leaving me scratching my head).


RateStars LinkedIn Phishing Scam

August 4, 2012

I received one of these today, and something just didn’t feel right, so I did a little digging. Sounds like it’s a phishing scam.
FYI and be careful


LinkedIn members are receiving requests for ‘rating’ for connections that begin with ‘…needs your help.’ During the response process, the sender phishes for log-in information, and even if you terminate the exchange there, as I did, they receive and utilize the rating information, sending it to the ostensible requester. Some of you have received ‘requests’ ostensibly from me, and likely from others, requesting this ‘rating’ or endorsement. I have sent out no such requests–It’s a scam, the originator unknown. I have attempted to notify LinkedIn.

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